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Karen is a necromantic high priestess and the leader of the Chinchillidads; the primary antagonists in Bursaria. She appears briefly in The Wizard Tim as the evil puppeteer behind Eliza Slagbottom.
Here is a quote describing Karen from The Wizard Tim:
"So, is there a country of these things? A kingdom? Who's their leader?” Tim asked.
Tink responded, “Aye, they call it the Cheeks Empire and yes, they do have a leader. The high priestess of Cheeksasquattle herself… Karen.”
“Karen?” Tim said tasting the word. "Sounds a bit unassuming if you ask me.”
"Unassuming?” Tink retorted. “There isn't a more evil creature in this world! She eats a dozen freshly born babies every day. She single handedly ordered and led the extermination of the Pogsmen and is hundreds of years old, she has killed more sentient creatures than anything living. Unassuming my gnomish ass Tim.”