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Pie Congress

The Pie Congress are the holders of one of the 314 copies of Many Hands, One Pig that feature an invitation in the back of the story. These were originally sold to our community for a price of 36 ADA each.

How to Join the Pie Congress

The Pie Congress can be joined at anytime by purchasing and holding a copy of Many Hands, One Pig that features an invitation in the back of the story. Currently, these can be purchased on the secondary market here:

Pie Congress Benefits

Pie Congress members have special privileges as well, like:
  • Eligible for future Wizard Tim community airdrops
  • Guaranteed whitelists and discounts on all future Wizard Tim book and NFT mints
  • Special Role in community Discord with Pie Congress only channels
  • The Pie Congress is often called upon to aid in project decisions through voting in the dedicated Pie Congress Discord channel.

Record of Pie Congress Votes

  1. 1.
    Vote for special airdrop of The Wizard Tim Audiobook
    • Result: Pie Congress invite NFT holders will receive a rarer edition of The Wizard Tim audiobook NFT.
  2. 2.
    First round winner vote for The Wizard Tim Art Contest
    • Result: The Pie Congress voted on all the art contest submissions and decided which ones passed the cover quality mark for the final vote on winners from the Pie Council.