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Pie Council

The Pie Council are the holders of the first NFT collection from the creators of The Wizard Tim. This collection featured 36 hand-drawn slices of pie. There were 18 unique drawings from the talented artist Slicekeepr. Each pie slice was duplicated as a mirror, so there are two versions of each unique slice of pie.
The Pie Slice NFTs were sold for an original price of 150 ADA prior to the creators releasing The Wizard Tim as a way to identify their earliest supporters.

How to Join the Pie Council

The Pie Council can be joined at anytime by purchasing and holding an official Pie Slice NFT. These can be purchased off of the secondary Cardano NFT market here:

Pie Council Benefits

Each Pie Slice NFT provides the holder many benefits, including:
  • Free airdrop of a special "Pie Holder" edition of the first The Wizard Tim book NFT. There will only ever be 36 copies of this edition, so this is the most limited edition of the already limited edition first mint. (Provided at time of The Wizard Tim Mint)
  • The "Pie Holder" Edition of the book will also include content that is exclusive only to these editions.
  • Free airdrops of ALL future The Wizard Tim book and story NFTs.
  • Admission into the Pie Council
  • First priority of all future The Wizard Tim benefits.
  • Members of the Pie Council hold final say over community governance (otherwise known as the Pie-ocracy) decisions and have a direct line to the creators at any time through the official discord.

Record of Pie Council Votes

  1. 1.
    Vote for the Pie Council Role Color
    • Result: Bright Orange
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    Vote for the final Winners of The Wizard Tim Art Contest