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The Wizard Tim

About The Wizard Tim
Tim the lazy overweight wizard has his dream job. As the town wizard for a halfling town named Halfass, he never has to do anything except eat, nap, and do absolutely nothing. However, he soon finds out that even the best posts don't last forever...
The Wizard Tim is a comedy-fantasy fiction novel, and contains foul language, strongly suggestive themes and overtly offensive topics. Reader discretion is advised.

Where to Buy

There are currently only 2000 copies of The Wizard Tim in existence. All copies were originally sold as NFT books on 10/24/2022 for a price of 69 ADA (Roughly $30) at that time. However, copies are currently for sale on secondary markets, shown below:

Where To Read

If you own one of the original 2000 copies of The Wizard Tim, it can currently only be read through the platform.